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The Team offers a wide range of innovative solutions and systems, resulting from development projects and applications of new technologies.

Packages for automatic creation of websites (CMS), the contents of which are operated by users without computer skills

The use of CMS has become very important for companies, though often poor technical knowledge leads to errors of judgment. Our team has developed and offers MMS (Multimedia System), a very simple and unexpensive CMS for unskilled customers. Its main goals are

  • to make the customer totally independent from external services and minimize his editing time
  • to require minimal hosting resources: it can manage portals of more than 10.000 pages without using data base
  • to be very fast: it is 10 times faster than conventional CMS. Google PageSpeed Insights gives MMS based sites an average rating around 90/100, while Joomla and Wordpress based sites get from Google an average rate of 50/100.

Its first application WWW.MMSHOPS.ORG, a shopping mall with clusters of "virtual shops" is spreading rapidly in many countries. In a competition organized by Orange it was rated among the top 10 best software on hundreds of proposals. This system can also be applied to develop commercial Associations portals and multimedia yellow pages.

Other software platforms of considerable interest is X-kart, multilingual e-commerce platform. The completeness of its functions makes X-kart one of the most advanced and flexible e-commerce systems on the market.

Digital publishing systems
The X-books System allows to produce browsable digital catalogs and magazines. It is entirely based on HTML 5 and Javascript, so it has many advantages compared to similar products based on PDF contents and Flash animations:

  • it is very fast because it downloads a page at a time (not a single PDF file, whic is always very heavy)
  • it can be read from Apple mobile (which is not feasible with animations in Flash)
Web-tv and web-radio systems, webinars, video-conferencing
The Team has developed on-demand and live Web-TV systems used for entertainment, webinars and training. The main products are:
  • X-tv: a software platform to develop web-tv portals and applications
  • X-conf: a system for the management of lectures and seminars via the web, that can be used for hundreds of simultaneous users
  • X-learning: an interactive system for implementing video-lessons integrated with other multimedia contents
Multimedia advertising systems: digital signage and ADV-robots

Euroteam proposes two very innovative technologies for advertising:

  • X-ds: software platform for digital signage applications; it allows to create and manage presentations and playlists on specific groups of monitors.
  • ADV-robot: interactive mobile unit for shops, malls, fairs, etc.: it walks balancing on 2 wheels, supports puppets, signs, monitor, moves and interacts with people thanks to proximity sensors and pre-recorded messages; it can be operated with remote control bluetooth. Have a look to these interesting demos: gallery, video1, video2.

Xnet: software for Internet Point and (PC protection and billing)

XNET is a package for public use PCs (schools, libraries, internet points, hotels ...): it protects the Windows files, manages payment, produces administrative and security reports

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